From Frankfurt to New York

Eric and Jula Isenburger

11th march – 29th april 2018


The artist Eric Isenburger (1902–1994) and his wife, expressionist dancer Jula Isenburger (1908–2000), are among the 20th century’s forgotten artists, although he exhibited in Berlin, Paris, London, Grasse, Malmö and Stockholm, and Jula appeared as a solo dancer in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and other French cities. Now the Center for Persecuted Arts is dedicating a comprehensive retrospective exhibition to them.




The Center for Persecuted Arts takes care of a collection of literature and a collection of art. Certain components of these collections are on permanent display in the Museum. The primary focus of both collections include works that were forbidden during the time of National Socialism and the GDR. We have given the unknown artists of that period a home in the Center for Persecuted Arts. [More]